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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hello and Welcome!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog!

I created this space to share my thoughts on current issues in education, to share my process oriented art ideas, and just to ramble on about my students. I'm not really expecting this blog to get a ton of readers.

But that's ok, because I made this blog as a space for myself.

So, my invisible audience, where should we start?

I guess we'll start with me?

I'm Ms. C, and I currently teach preschool at a private childcare facility. The facility I teach at serves ages infant (6 weeks) through Kindergarten. We have infants, toddlers, young preschool (Twos), preschool (3 and 4's), pre-k (4 and 5's), and Kindergarten. We also have drop in care where we will occasionally get an older kid, this week Kindergarten has an 8 year old girl!

I've been teaching for...not a long time ha ha. I started as a substitute in early March and I picked up a position as a teacher in May, Cinco de Mayo!

So it's fairly accurate to say that I am still learning, a lot, each and every day in the classroom. It's one thing to study Early Childhood Education and pedagogy, and a whole other thing to be suddenly thrown in a classroom with 20 kids.

I'm also still working on my degree in Early Childhood Education, approaching an associates degree at my local community college.

So not only do I have the fun filled job of being a full time preschool teacher year round, but I am also a year round part time college student. 3 semester hours in the summer and 6 during regular semesters.

It's a crazy life, but it's my life.

As I will probably mention many times, I don't have any kids (although people keep asking when I plan to have some, and I'm 21 and not married so...) so my viewpoint may be different from parents. My opinion is my opinion, and I acknowledge that as I'm only a teacher and not a parent, I may not completely get it. However, it's not my intention to judge parents or their parenting practices. I have a very diverse group of students, and every parent raises their child(ren) a bit differently.

I do however have a cat, so if you have any funny cat pictures or videos, feel free to share!

That's all for now, expect more actual posts about actual things soon!

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